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This Backpack is a minimum size of 80+ litres. At full capacity it is approximately 100+ litres.The two large detachable side pockets are large enough to use as a practical day pack for your food, drinks, camera gear, spare clothing or whatever you need to put into a 15+ litres size pack.
The side pockets are easy to detach from the main pack with the double sided zipper and easy to zip back on again. How convenient is that! You can be at your camp site, hiking, fishing, hunting or when you at your hotel / motel, backpacker, hostel and just unzip the large side pockets and it will be practical as a day pack. I find it very useful as I do not need to have a smaller bag or pack to add as it is part of the main backpack anyway. One less bag to have!
The seven pockets allow you to have designated spots for your tools, gear, cloths, so convenient compared with those annoying packs that have far fewer compartments. No more emptying your backpack to find that small item. You will find this backpack very convenient with stacks of room.

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Hi I'm Alex Bellissimo a keen angler and outdoors person. A long time ago I could purchase a decent back packs that had ample pockets for whatever I needed. Then in recent years it seemed to become increasingly harder to purchase especially locally or shopping online. The prices for quality were expensive in fact well in excess of double the amount for the same standard of pack. Another problem I had was that the back packs were just not tough enough. They look great but just did not stand up to the rigorous test.
After painstaking searching I came up with this great design. This tough 80 litre back pack is practical for many uses. As a hiking, fishing, hunting, as a domestic or international travel back pack and much much more. It just has so many applications and uses!
The 1000D Polyester material is thicker than the vast majority of packs on the market. The average is around 600D fabric. So for that reason they most often lack the toughness to be able to withstand the knock about with travel, traversing tough terrain and handling those often big loads. It also means that the stitching is much tougher because of the much thicker fabric.

My full time occupation is a Rock and Beach fishing guide. I have been using the proto type of this pack for many month and have deliberately put it through more than the average person does. Purposely grazing it against rocks, branches loading it up to capacity with lots of gear and fish which I carry out for my clients. A lot of my locations are over massive boulders, bush, down cliffs and through rough locations. This back pack has passed the test!


If you were to put it into the washing machine or front loader empty it out completely of all contents. Take out the metal frame and put it on a short cycle in cold water. Alternatively simply just hose it out. Use a floor brush and a little bit of soapy water. Rinse out with fresh water and hang it out on the line. It will be virtually as good as new again.

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Black : SKU : BP0001


1000 D Polyester with Internal Frame


80 Litre - at full capacity it is approximately 100+ Litre

Waist Belt



H: 59 Cm x W: 57 Cm x D: 37 Cm  with 27 Cm Hood Extension

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Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 37 × 57 × 59 cm

2 reviews for Back Pack

  1. Sal Santoro

    I received my back pack the other day, packed it with all my fishing and hiking gear and noticed it had way more space than my old 90l bag. Took it out on a trip the other day and it was so comfortable to wear, the material feels super strong and looks great. I’d recommend getting this bag.

  2. Rob

    perfect backpack for fishing. Can be large for good rock fishing day or smaller for beach if required. Perfectly designed for all fishing and probably a lot of other sports. it is very hard to find a backpack that can hold as much as this one does

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